What's it really like to run your own business?
We're surveying thousands of freelancers and micro-business owners about the realities of self-employment - we’d love you to add your voice to the mix!
We'll start with some basics first.

Do you run your own business?

OK, great!

Including yourself, how many people work in your business?

Are you a current FreeAgent customer?

Before using FreeAgent, what method did you previously use for managing your business bookkeeping/accounting?

Do you think FreeAgent has helped you get paid faster by your clients, compared to your previous bookkeeping & invoicing method(s)?

Do you currently work with or use the services of a professional accountant?

Do you think you work more effectively with your accountant through FreeAgent than you did when using your previous bookkeeping method?

OK, thanks! Now, a couple of quick questions about you.

How old are you?

What's your gender?

Now we'd like to ask you a few questions about a really important issue that affects a lot of UK micro-business owners: late payment.

What's the longest you've waited to get paid by a client?

What's the largest amount that you've ever had to write off from your accounts due to a late/non-paying client?

Have you ever felt that the future of your business was in jeopardy because your client(s) did not pay you promptly?

Have you ever had to take legal action against a client because they didn’t/wouldn’t pay you?

Do you agree on any kind of contract with clients before carrying out work for them?

How do you usually chase clients for late payment?

Do you think the recent appointment of a "small business commissioner" will help to tackle the problem of late payment for UK small businesses?

What powers or legislation would you like to see the government introduce to tackle late payment?
(please select all options that apply)

Thanks! Now we'd like to hear what you think about some other important business issues.

Firstly, do you think the UK tax system is too complicated for small businesses?

Do you think the UK tax system benefits larger businesses more than smaller businesses?

What impact do you think Open Banking will have on your business?

Is your business ready for the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation?

What impact do you think Brexit will have on the UK economy?

What impact do you think Brexit will have on your business?

What do you think about the prospect of a second referendum about the UK leaving the European Union?

We're over halfway through! Now we'd like to ask you some questions about running your business.

Would you recommend self-employment as a career?

Would you ever go back to working for someone else?

What is the most difficult thing you have to deal with when running your own small business?

Have you ever felt that your physical or mental health has been put under strain due to running your own business?

Overall, do you think your mental health has benefited as a result of running your own business?

How many hours do you personally work in your business during a typical week?

Do you work in the evening or at nighttime (i.e. after 6 p.m.)?

Where do you typically work from?

Have you ever been paid in Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency?

Would you accept payment through Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency within the next 5 years?

Have you ever felt lonely or isolated as a result of being self-employed?

How much holiday time off do you expect to take from your business during 2018?

Do you check work-related emails or do work-related admin when you’re on holiday/taking time off from work?

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Is it okay for us to contact you about your answers?
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Sorry, we're only looking for responses from business owners in this survey - but thank you for sparing the time to take the survey!
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Sorry, we're only looking for responses from micro-businesses (those with 10 or fewer employees) - but thanks for taking the time to answer our survey!
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Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey - we will add your responses to our report!
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